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Modular Complexes

Single unit office solutions can provide up to 900 square feet and doublewides can accomodate space needs between 900 and 1,680 square feet .  For larger space requirements such as construction management on a multi-year project, conference space, or long-term onsite office, a modular complex can be the ideal solution.  The advantages to modular space over traditional construction are the quick availability and the ability to lease the space you need for a limited time without having to make a permanent investment.

In some implementations users need a series of distinct buildings to serve natural divisions within their organization, and in other situations customers need large contiguous spaces.  We can subdivide a modular complex into individual offices, conference rooms, cubicle space, breakrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, server rooms, etc. in a wide array of configurations.  The complexes in our fleet generally range from 2,000 to 10,000 square feet, but we can build a solution to meet virtually any need.  If you have a need, let us know how we can help.