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About Us

What makes us who we are:

Metro Trailer has been serving our customers for over twenty-five years. We have over 20,000 pieces of equipment in our fleet and take care of thousands of customers in the construction, education, transportation, logistics & retail industries. We are privately owned and our owner remains involved in every facet of the business. We pride ourselves on making things easy for our customers and building relationships that work in the long run.  Here are some of the ways we believe we stand out in our industry:

Real People

Real people answer the phone when you call. Our internal organization is kept simple and straightforward so we have the least likelihood of having complications or miscommunications. There’s no beauracracy, there are no decision makers that can’t be reached, and there’s no set of restrictions that are more important than us treating you well.

In-House Staff, In-House Solutions

We have our own fleet of tractors and delivery equipment and backup equipment. We own our own staging yards and maintenance facilities. We have our own staff of drivers. We have in-house carpenters, mechanics, and our own billing and office personell.  If you work with us, you’ll be working with us, not some third party that doesn’t have the details and doesn’t understand the value of the relationship.

Speed and Service

Our clean lines of communication and our own equipment and staff translate to an unparalleled ability to respond quickly and smoothly to our customer’s needs. We don’t e-mail problems off to a corporate headquarters; We solve them. We can usually have someone to you the same day to address a problem and we are here to answer your questions and make sure we are living up to your expectations.

Higher Quality Equipment

All of our service and organization would be meaningless if we didn’t deliver the best quality products to our customers’ jobsites and businesses. We have a close relationship with our office trailer factory, do office container conversions in-house, and can repair and rebuild any part of our equipment ourselves. We guarantee not only that you will get clean equipment in good condition, but also that it will hold up to the demands of daily use as long as you need it.

We hope you’ll let us show you how easy we are to work with.


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